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Welcome to The all new coals site

The Coals were born of a desire to play all those great rock songs you’d love to hear a band play live in a club. Based in Nottingham their power pop set currently includes tunes by Blur, The Who, Feeder, Black keys, REM, T-Rex, The Undertones, Bowie, Stereophonic's, The Buzz Cocks, Kings of leon and Jimi of Hendrix. The only rule is it must be a great tune! Our boys have been beavering away working on their new set ready for 2017. So what can we expect from Nottingham's most rehearsed band? Well, a lot of the old favorites are there including "Teenage dirt bag" and Bowie's "The man who sold the world" and of course TREX's "20th Century boy". New material includes Blurs "Beetle Bum" and "Another Girl, Another Planet" by the Only Ones. Theres a couple of numbers by the Black Keys too, "Lonely Boy" and "Have Love , Will Travel" . All in all a marvelous evening of entertainment. The 2017 tour start at JP's birthday party in January.

About Us


Blue Boy

He knows how to Rock



He works with Rocks



Some of his best friends are rocks

Furious Teamwork

Yay, The Coals. What can be said about them that hasn't already used as an answer in the White Horse quiz. We caught up with them recently and asked them about their plans for the new year. "2017 is going to be a year for us" said Blue. "I'm pretty sure it's going to start in January, warm up around July and it should pretty much be over by the end of December" Jp agreed via his usually selection of non sequiturs. Yes, he is a keen gardener. Gaz was unavailable for comment after spending his settee budget on yet another drum kit.

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The Coals do "Beatle bum" by Blur

The Coals do "The one I Love" by REM

The Coals do "Have Love will Travel" by The Black Keys

The Coals do "All or Nothing" by The Small Faces

The Coals do "20th Century boy" by TREX

The Coals do "Grounds for Divorce" by Elbow

The Coals do "I Fought The Law" by The Clash

The Coals do "Brand new car" by Feeder

Our Skills

Blue shouts a lot and Wahs more that is healthy. Jp plays most of notes but not necessarily in the right order. Gaz has QV thats for sure and an urge for infernal Tap tap tapping. Its official.
  • Rock 100%
  • 60 and 70s 60%
  • Punk and brit pop 25%
  • GAZ singing 5%

Coal Speak


Hello Coalites everywhere. Here's something for you all to think about: Coalspeeeek
- let's build that Coalspeeek dictionary together. Here's some starters.

Coal porter - roadie for the Coals.
Coal bored - a bored Coal? Never happens!
Coal scuttle - the chaps 'doing a runner' from a restaurant.
Coal shovel - a bit like a syncopated 'shuffle number' but in a very special Coals kind of way.
Coal mine - the Coals extensive catalogue of songs.

Coal (Kohl) pencil - essential for the bands 'glam' phase.
Coal bags - less than attractive groupies.
Polythene Pam

Coal dust-What the coals leave other bands in.
Coal hole - Where the boy's find themselves when they play one Radiohead song too many.
Coal gas- A good injoke (like this dictionary)
Peter Stink

Coal steamer - A particularly exciting addition to the bands repertoire, like "20th century boy"
Gavrillo Princip

Coal Face - The photogenic member of the band.
Coal Tar - Warm thanks from the stage after a gentle smattering of applause
Coal mine - The opinion of an over enthusiastic fan (perhaps a stalker)
Coals to Newcastle - the northern leg of the tour
Syd Barrett

coal black - a blacklisted member of the band who is no longer welcome at rehearsal
coal fired - speaks for itself, but what a way to find out
coalite - which if said with a plummy voice means much the same thing as coal fired.
Goodnight Lignite

Andy Cole - a band member who lives locally
Coal Digger - the bands number one fan
Coal'd Play - a group session
Sgt Floyd Pepper

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